Zero Mileage Lubricant

Smart plug-in ECU
Smart plug-in ECU
Smart plug-in ECU


Smart plug-in ECU upgrade


Optimized by multiple sensors. It is composed of multiple units such as air pressure, air pressure, intake pressure, turbine pressure, crankshaft position ignition advance angle, air-fuel ratio, fuel correction, etc., to achieve comprehensive optimal debugging and achieve real power improvement.







Product name Model
Volkswagen One C021 A106 Volkswagen Czech 05-13 Volkswagen Bora Classic 04-06 Volkswagen Bora Classic 08-15 Volkswagen Golf 04-05 Volkswagen Lingyu. 5 styles-11 styles Volkswagen POLO04 styles-13 Volkswagen Passat 04 styles-07 Volkswagen Lavida 08 styles-11 Volkswagen Beetle 01-12 Volkswagen Santana classic 04-07 styles
Volkswagen Santana Zhijun 04-10 Volkswagen Touareg 06 and after Volkswagen Phaeton Audi A108-14 Audi A4L04-08 Audi A6L04-08 Audi A8L04-09 Audi Q706-15 Audi TT04-07 Audi 5806-09
Volkswagen II C021 A107 Volkswagen Jetta 13 after Volkswagen Bora 16 after Volkswagen Golf Jade 16 after Volkswagen After Golf 08, Volkswagen Golf 7 Volkswagen POLO 14 After Volkswagen Passat 11 After Volkswagen Lingdu 14 After Volkswagen Lavida 13 After Volkswagen Beetle 13 After Volkswagen Santana 12 After Volkswagen Tiguan 10 After Volkswagen Tiguan L17 After Volkswagen Huiang After 16 models, Volkswagen Touran, 04 models, Volkswagen Sagitar, 06 models, Volkswagen Magotan, Volkswagen cc, Volkswagen Scirocco
After Volkswagen’s 13 models, Audi A116 models, Audi A3 Audi A4L14 models, 09 models-16 Audi A510 models-18 Audi A6L08 models, Audi A8L10 models, Audi Q313 models, Audi QS10 models-18 Audi TT models 8 After the payment
Toyota self-priming car C007 A169 Toyota Camry 06 after Toyota Corolla 07 after Toyota Ralink 14 after Toyota Han After Landa 09
Toyota RAV4 after 09, Toyota Cruiser after 10, Toyota Alfa, after 11, Toyota Vios, after 08
Toyota Vios FS 17 later, Toyota Yaris, 08 later, Toyota Yaris, 11 later, Toyota dazzle, 13 later
Toyota Overbearing 2700 dedicated C044 A152 BMW 1 Series N20 2.0T  BMW 3 Series N20 2.0T  BMW 5 Series N20 2.0T  BMW 7 Series N20 2.0T
Nissan self-priming car C008 A169 New BMW 1 Series B48 2.0T New BMW 3 Series B48 2.0T New BMW 5 Series B48 2.0T New BMW 7 Series B48 2.0T
Honda One Turbo T107 A183 Honda Civic 1.5T Honda CRV 1.5T Honda Accord 1.5T
Honda Jade 1. 5T Honda Crown Road 1.5T
Honda II Self-priming car C219 A180 Honda Civic 04-09 Honda CRV 07-10 Honda Accord 08-13
Honda Sibo Rui 09-13 Honda Odyssey 09-14 Honda Song Poem Honda Siming
Honda three self-priming car C219 218 Honda Civic 12-14 models Honda Fit 08-11 Honda Fengfan 08-14
Honda Lingpai 13 models-16 models Honda Jade 13 models and later Honda Alicante 12 models-14 models
BMW One T108 A218 BMW 1 Series N20 2.0T BMW 3 Series N20 2.0T BMW 5 Series N20 2.0T
BMW 7 Series N20 2.0T
BMW II T172 A218 New BMW 1 Series B48 2.0T New BMW 3 Series B48 2.0T New BMW 5 Series B48 2.0T
New BMW 7 Series B48 2.0T




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