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2021·达喀尔SS3赛段:零公里-Buggyra 车队面对困难得心应手

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2021·达喀尔SS3赛段:零公里-Buggyra 车队面对困难得心应手

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Dakar is getting tougher. While Martin Šoltys was helping stuck competitors in 2nd stage,


 just a day later his mechanic Tomáš Šikola pulled out a crew from a crashed truck. 

同时Josef跟Tomas Enge也遇到了更多的问题,这次是轮胎漏气的问题。

Meanwhile, Josef Macháček and Tomáš Enge hit more issues, this time with punctures. 

 达喀尔拉力赛第一赛段全场630公里(从Wadi Ad-DawasirWadi Ad-Dawasir),其中常规路段227公里,特殊路段403公里,这一赛段大部分被沙丘所覆盖。


Apart from the punctures, the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing crews had a relatively easy-going day. Josef Macháček had 始的时候就处理轮胎漏气的问题,但随后他以很快的速度返回到了比赛中去。

 deal with the puncture right at the start, but then he continued at a fast pace.


 “We had to do a tire change right at the start, so we lost a lot of positions there. Then, we had to make our way through and lost some 


valuable time.


 At the end, we found ourselves among faster drivers, so nobody was throwing dusting at us and that was a nice drive. 


But I’m not happy with the result,” 


said Josef Macháček after finishing 7th in the stage. He is still 5th in the overall standings.

Tomas Enge终于在日落前完成了这个赛段。但是他们又一次遇到了问题。

Tomáš Enge finally managed to finish a stage before the sunset. But once again, with problems.


 “We punctured a tire in one of the faster corners, but there were thousands of rocks like that today.


 Then, we had to change a CVT belt, which tore apart. But other than that, it was good.


We were at the back, so we did a lot of overtaking. Our goal was primarily to finish today. 

看起来一切终于朝着正确的方向发展了”Tomas Enge说到,他今天排第12名。

And it looks like we’re finally heading in the right direction,” said Tomáš Enge, who finished in 12th place. 


So, it was Ignacio Casale who took the best result in the Truck category today. He added another TOP 10 finish, as he was classified 9th in the 3rd stage of Dakar Rally 2021. 


“Today’s stage was very fast and some of the dunes were really rough. I and Alvaro had to look for a different route several times, to avoid the dunes. 


Then, we had a small issue with turbo and lost some time, but other than that, everything worked perfectly.


It was difficult, so I’m glad that we’ve made it to the end. Most of the Dakar is still ahead of us,” said the currently 7th best driver in the overall standings. 


“Today, I’m just glad to cross the finish line. We got stuck on 150th kilometre and then there was an issue with a bellow air bag.

我们被一辆斯卡尼亚拉了出来,后来他在两公里后翻了车并被另一辆车撞到,非常惨烈。We got pulled by a Scania, which flipped over just two kilometers later, and got hit by a car. That didn’t look good.


Then we saw a Hino, which also ended on the roof. Their wheels were still moving. Tomáš jumped off the truck right away and went to pull them out. 



At the end, we saw another broken car. It really wasn’t a pleasant view today,


so that’s another reason why I was looking forward to finishing this stage,” said Martin Šoltys, who is currently 9th in the overall standings after the 3rd stage.


On Wednesday, the crews will face a 476-kilometre-long connection and then 337 kilometers of a timed stage. 



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